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October 7, 2011

Dressed for gameday!

It’s a nice fall Sunday afternoon, and you and your husband (or family) deciede to go to watch a game at a venue. Or perhaps you are going to a game? Your husband throws on a team t-shirt, and kids throw on their very cute game-gear, and you look in your closet and stare off in space and think…”what the hell does a girl wear to gameday and still look cute?” I’ve been there! I’ve even taken the scissors to a couple t-shirts to ‘doctor’ them up a bit. You could always do the “tie behind the back knot”, or the “stomach knot” (but after kids, and not in my 20’s anymore….ummmm, no “stomach knots” for me), so for the rest of us, what in the world do we wear?

Here are so very cute gameday gear for us mommas as we get ready for gameday:

Girlie Game Gear:

They make tons of styles you can buy, or if you

can custom order your gameday dresses with your favorite team colors.

Girlie Game Gear

Girlie Game Gear

Girlie Game Gear

My husband is a Michigan fan, and I ordered matching Michigan dresses for my daughter and I to wear during gameday. How cute are they? You can order yours too, at Excessive TimeOuts’, on Etsy. They can custom make you your very own dress using t-shirts. So darn cute!
So get you cutie gear on, and go watch some sports! Happy shopping!
If you have any other cute places where you have found cute gameday gear, let us know!
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