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January 13, 2012

DIY Rose Headbands

I love fabric and ribbon roses. It is my new obsession and they make beautiful little headbands for my daughter. There are several ways to make these roses, and all are fabulous, and I thought I would share a little tutorial on how I have been making my ribbon headbands. So much fun!

To start making these roses, you need:


Glue gun



You start with your favorite ribbon. I used a shiny satin ribbon for this version.

Cut ribbon and fold in half

Start rolling the folded ribbon to make the core of the rose.

Once you get the rolled center how you like it, secure it with some glue.

Continue to roll around the center of the rose, twisting the ribbon around as you do it. Secure with glue as you roll.

Once you have the rose the size you like, cut ribbon and secure behind rose with glue. Add embellishments, felt for back and there you have it. Now you have the perfect rose to make headbands, clips, or anything your heart desires!

Here are some headbands I made using these roses. You can purchase these headbands, and clips or place a custom order on my DesertChild Boutique Etsy page, click here to start shopping.

Pink Ribbon Rose Headband - toddler/child



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