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Whew, I made it through the first two years of my daughter’s life, and boy…was it a rollercoaster. They say you are only given what you can handle, right? Well, enough already! ha! I know there are always the things you cannot plan for or expect when having a baby, but sometimes we need some guidance on these things, right? I ran into my fair share of road blocks in my ‘adventures of having baby’, like having a mis-carriage before having my daughter, after gaining 73 gorgeous pounds, (yes, no typo…73lbs),  and legs so swollen they could not bend (literally), to having an emergency c-section after pushing for hours and my daughter being rushed to NICU. Oh, then getting bells-palsy two days after the delivery, and subsequently having half my face paralyzed for 3+ months of my daughter’s life. Yah…you could say I know what it is like to have a “difficult” pregnancy and postpartum ‘trauma’. But since we get thrown curve balls it is good to have some helpful resources to depend on, because after all, we all need some stability in our lives, and during this time especially. For me, it was the What to Expect series of books.

I bought the What to Expect When Expecting even before we were pregnant with our daughter. It was on my nightstand, and every night my husband and I found ourselves reading the day by day guide of what is going on with our precious baby. We loved the pictures of how baby was growing inside of me, and seeing how fast she was growing from day-to-day.

A couple of months before my due date, I bought What to Expect the First Year. I loved this book, and I found it especially useful during those monthly milestones of growth, and exploration. I used it frequently when I needed help on how the heck to get the darn baby to latch-on, or to find out if I am starving my baby or over-stuffing my baby with breast milk (my case…over-stuffing, she was 26lbs at 4 mo, HA!). The book also explores insightful, age-appropriate games to play with your baby to help in development, which helps keep you and your baby learning and interactive.


So, when I finally made it to my daughter’s one year old birthday, I thought,whew, I made it, the worst is over’! Ha! Was I kidding myself. Yes, it is true new momma’s, we need some help beyond the first year. The newest book, What to Expect: The Second Year, was such a great book to follow last year. The all familiar, toddler behavior guide! And mommas, you know we need help when it comes to toddlers! **saying a quick prayer for myself  to make it through these tantrums*** ha! This is the book, that helps you with, those infamous temper tantrums, and the sleeping schedule issues, and oh, can’t forget the picky eater stages. One of the sections in the book that helped me most, was about keeping your toddler safe and healthy. For those of you who know me personally, or read the blog post Toddlers and Trampolines, heard about my daughter breaking her leg (tibia) at 21 months. *sigh*. This was a very trying time for my family, and this book shed light on broken bones and children’s curiosity and safety. These books are really like a bible of sorts, to reference when you have any questions about your little one. I strongly recommend all three books, if you are expecting a baby, or if you need to jump in and pick up at year one or two.

What to has generously team up with DesertMommas to host a giveaway to celebrate this wonderful book series. In honor of my daughter’s 2nd birthday (and me making it through the first two years), I am giving away the first three books in this series; the same ones I have used and raved about! These three books would make perfect holiday gifts. AND  I will rush them to you in time for Christmas, if requested.



The GIVEAWAY –  One lucky follower will receive:

  • What to Expect When Expecting
  • What to Expect the First Year
  • What to Expect the Second Year



You need to do at least TWO of the following to enter. If you already “like” us, then simply leave a comment/post on our page/wall.

1.) “COMMENT” – on this post, telling me which book you will enjoy the most.

2.) LIKE”Desert Mommas Facebook page (click here), and leave a comment telling me which book you will enjoy the most or a story you might have on how these books helped you, or any feedback on the books.

3.) Follow – DesertMommas  on Twitter – leave comment   

4.) Post about this giveaway on your blog (leave this link on your post)
*Winners will be selected by We’ll post the winner’s name on our {DesertMommas} Facebook page on December 16th. If you are the lucky winner, please reach out to us (message/post comment with your email) and your shipping information. No purchase is necessary. Entrants must be over 18 years old and in US.

If you are not expecting or your kids or older, I bet you know someone who is expecting!

 So please enter yourself for a great gift package!

You can also BUY these wonderful books. Click here to buy.


This giveaway will end Friday, December 16th, at 9:00 AM PST.

Good luck to everyone!


 Stay tuned for What to Expect, the movie, coming to theaters around Mother’s Day 2012, featuring who else, JLo herself, and Cameron Diaz, to say a few. So get your books NOW, then go to move in coming months!

Good luck with the giveway!
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  1. I liked you on FB (Jennifer Beard) and am following you on Twitter (mlkmnsgrl)–I would love the Second Years book for my growing busy toddler turning 2 on Christmas and then for dd who is 9months going on 4…ugh!

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