Art projects for our little artists

This is great for any teachers or parents that need FREE worksheets, art projects, clip art, and much, much more...KBTeachers @ is a fantastic site for teachers and parents alike, for tons of FREE and premium worksheets, activities, and printables.

Click here for FREE arts and crafts for your preschooler: KBTeachers

Mondrian Style Geometric Shapes

Here are some examples of what my little one did for art projects. The theme was little artists, and she did art that replicated (sort-of) the greats artists of the world.

Click here for activity from KBteachers

Here are some other inspired artworks from famous artist for preschooler arts and crafts:


Here is a little Monet  inspired work…

or a little inspired Renoir…


For additional FREE arts and crafts activity worksheets, you can click on the following artist links:

O’Keefe Flowers

Kandinsky Art



Go to KBteachers for more! Have fun!

KBTeachers worksheets and activities

Fun dinosaur activity and worksheet

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