National Coffee Month


Did you know that August is National Coffee Month. Yes that is right, coffee month in the middle of hot, sweltering month of August. Do you see something wrong with this picture? Well, lets talk coffee and such then…
One of my new favorite apps these days is my Starbucks Card Mobile
Summer Beach
With Starbucks for iPhone, Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone and BlackBerry, and Starbucks for Android™, you can check your balance, reload your card with any major credit, view your transactions and conveniently track your Stars is the My Starbucks Rewards program on your BlackBerry, Android and iPhone or iPod Touch! Just scan and go.

Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone: Click here for App
Starbucks Card Mobile for BlackBerry: Click here for App
Starbucks Card Mobile for Android: Click here for App

And if you want to make some yummy Iced Blended Coffee drink….try this:


Make a batch of coffee, twice as strong as you like it, or cold brew some coffee till nice dark color.

 Pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.

Place frozen coffee ice cubes in your blender. Once frozen, add several cubes to blender, and add any flavored syrup, etc if you want. Add half and half (or milk), just to cover the cubes. Then just blend. Adjust the syrup and milk if needed to taste. Yum!
The coffee iced cubes are great, to add to any iced coffee recipe, especially when it’s over 100 degrees out there, and the ice melts faster than you can drink it! Cheers!
|| Your Desert Momma ||

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