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December 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Treats: Day 3 {Heath Bar Cookies}

Heath - Bits 'o' Brickle Baking Pieces - 8 oz


This one is an EASY one! I do a very short-cut version of this recipe, and for some reason it still is one of my husband’s favorites! Shhh..we won’t tell you bought pre-packaged mix, if you won’t? I promise!

Heath Bar Cookies

1 pre-packaged chocolate cookie dough cookie mix

1 Heath or Skor Toffee Candy Bars, crumbled/chopped into small pieces

Prepare chocolate cookie dough mix, per directions. Add the candy bar pieces and combine.

Follow cooking directions on the mix package, and there you have it.

Happy EASY baking!

||Your Desert Momma||




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