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September 14, 2011

When did I become a Mom?


I was driving in my car today, fumbling between my car seats trying to find something that I dropped and I pulled out one of my daughters’ CD’s. It made me think…


1. When in the world did I start having CDs in my car called “If your happy and you know it?”


2. Is there a reason I have a “binki” and a used, sticky sucker in my purse?


3. Why am I so excited to go to bed by 10pm?


4. And what’s up with the damn princesses in the world? When did every single Disney character become a princess, and why are princess’ everywhere?


5. Speaking of princess’, when did I start getting excited to see a Cinderella character (who btw does not remotely look like the blond in the cartoon), on a freaking Friday night at a play gym? Did I mention I went there on friday night?


5. And why are there so many mommy liars out there, who said having kids was easy? LIARS!


6. When did I start “liking” Facebook pages that start with the word Mommy, mom or/and momma?


7. When was saving $2 on diapers a big deal? Aren’t they freaking $40 a case anyways…?  


8. What happened to my refrigerator? For some reason there are a bunch of juice boxes, several different applesauces’, and some crap that’s called mush? mash? …whatever it’s called? and what are they doing in my fridge? 


9. And how many damn calendar’s does one family need? Seriously?


10. Why do all I drink these days are coffee and wine? What ever happened ever to water?


What happened to my life?

Oh yea…I became a mom! And I LOVE every minute of

|| Your Desert Momma ||


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