Doorbells and iPhones – Must have items if you have a toddler in your house!

“These are a few of our favorite things….”

Would you want to wake this baby up?

Let’s visit this all too familiar scenario…
6am -You wake up at the crack of dawn to your lovely child wide eyes, ready to go.

7am-changed 3 more diapers
8am – fed you kiddos breakfast
8:15am- dodged flying cereal across room.
8:45am- cleaned cereal out of your babies hair
9am-11am – lots of playing, lots more diapers
11:30am – Baby FINALLY goes down for nap – whew!
11:45am- “DING, DONG” – yep…the Postal carrier rings the door bell for a delivery.
11:55am-baby is up crying…repeat 7am-11am again.

Doorbell Guard FACEBOOK

Here is your solution. I love this item and it’s one of the things I ask myself, “Why didn’t I think of this?”. Well, at this point, all that matters, is that someone DID invent this, and here is how you can get your own!

Click on their facebook page, with options to buy!

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? AND a toddler?

Here is another favorite thing. Some of you might already read me raving about these on the Desert Child Facebook page, but I thought of them yesterday, and thought I would share again.

Yesterday, I went to the local market with my daughter, and she was insisting on playing with my iPhone. After she accidentally called a couple work colleagues, I pulled out one of my Bubcaps I stashed in the diaper bag, put the cap on the home button, and then phone back to her. …30 sec later, she gave up on the phone and gave back to me. Yay…it worked! These are a must on my list.
*I purchased mine at Amazon: click here to buy Bubcaps or you could visit the website
Hope these fun things make it to your home.

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